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Madagascar Beard Oil

30 ml / 1 fl oz

Journey to the beautifully unspoiled island of Madagascar, and experience its amazing biodiversity with this natural floral scent.

Madagascar is a wonderland of shifting landscapes forgotten by time—trek beneath the green canopy of the tropical rainforests, or relax in the long shadows cast by the majestic baobab trees. 

Using essential oils sourced directly from Madagascar to reflect the island’s rich and unexplained biodiversity, this floral scent centers around some of the finest ylang ylang essential oil produced on the island. Combined with a sweet geranium rose oil, these floral notes will slowly subside making way for flora endemic to Madagascar - spicy ravensara, and green woody katrafay. Ever-present during the aromatic journey is a touch of the intoxicating scent of the island’s famed vanilla – prized for its warmth, and rich liqueur-like sweetness.

Madagascar is an uplifting fragrance that will whisk you away to an almost unreachable place that is rich with adventure and beauty. 

Ylang Ylang (54%) | Katrafay (28%) | Vanilla (10%) | Rose Geranium (5%) | Ravensara (3%) 100% Essential Oils and Natural Extracts

10% of the profits from Madagascar will be donated to SEED Madagascar, an organization working to enhance the capacity of individuals, communities, organizations and government in fulfilling sustainable environment, education and development goals in southeast Madagascar. To learn more about their cause or donate, please visit their website:

More than just a beard oil! Tallow + Steel Beard Oil was formulated to be incredibly rich and distinctly nourishing for you and your beard. It starts with a blend of two of our favourite organic carrier oils: argan and jojoba - both chosen because they are exceptionally rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which help to condition your beard and maintain its natural shine.

We enrich these oils with three proteins to protect, nourish, and condition: silk, keratin (from sheep's wool), and quinoa. We also add our signature ingredient, local pasture-raised tallow that we render in-house. This unique beard oil ingredient adds an additional level of conditioning and, with the help of Vitamin E, supports strong and healthy hair.

The result of these carefully chosen ingredients is a unique beard product like no other: the consistency of an oil, with the nourishing properties of a balm.

Organic Argan Oil + Organic Jojoba Oil + Hydrolyzed Silk Protein + Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein + Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein + Tallow (Pasture-Raised) + Essential Oils + Vitamin E