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Kyoto Aftershave

100 ml / 3.4 fl oz

Our most sought-after product returns for 2020. Compared to the 2018 release, this Kyoto is lighter in seaweed / marine notes.

Unleash your inner zen, as you’re transported to lush-green mountains, ancient temples and sublime gardens with this Japanese-inspired scent.

Kyoto is a city preserved in time - a place where the eastern mountain breeze rushes through narrow streets, the tang of merchant shops and tea-houses infuse the air, and towering bamboo groves can be heard creaking in the wind, beckoning you to enter.

Honoring traditional Japanese craftsmanship and quality, Kyoto is a blend of rare Japanese essential oils, hand delivered across the Pacific to Tallow + Steel headquarters. Kyoto proudly features real steam-distilled oil of yuzu – an exotic Japanese fruit hailed for its uniquely bright, aromatic, sweetness.

With yuzu as the foundation of the blend, the zesty citrus is combined with vegetal marine notes from a homemade extract of Japanese sencha (green tea) and nori (seaweed). It further progresses into a green woodsy blend of flora native to Japan: Sugi (Japanese cedar), Hinoki (Japanese cypress), Hiba (Japanese cypress), and Shiso (perilla).

As unique as the city itself, Kyoto is an artisanal blend of invigorating green freshness that will keep you centered through your day.

Yuzu (76%) | Hiba (12%) | Hinoki (4%) | Sugi (4%) | Shiso (2%) | Sencha / Nori (2%) | 100% Essential Oils and Natural Extracts

Tallow + Steel aftershaves are water-based splashes that soothe and repair the skin from irritation, dryness and razor burn. They are full of nutrient rich organic ingredients that will leave your skin feeling soft, and can be used as a daily moisturizer. Highly concentrated - apply to a wet face for best results.

Organic Witch Hazel + Organic Aloe Vera + Water + Essential Oils + Organic Glycerin + Organic Quillaja Extract + Organic Rose Hydrosol + Organic Calendula Hydrosol + Alcohol + Organic Willow Bark Extract + Organic Cucumber Extract + Organic Licorice Root Extract + Organic Rosemary Extract + Radish Root Ferment Filtrate + Lactobacillus + Coconut Fruit Extract

Our aftershaves are water-based and can be shipped worldwide.

Handmade in Winnipeg, Canada