Sarsaparilla Shave Soap

Sarsaparilla Shave Soap

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85 g / 3 oz 

Whoa there weary traveller! Why don’t you tie up that horse and stop on inside this here saloon to sip on a nice cold sarsaparilla while I tell you a story…

It all starts back in ‘16 when we put together two products for some partners in the French wet shaving forum rasage traditionnel. One of em’ they named Root Beer Saloon – and now she rides again: renewed, refined, reformed, renovated, remodelled, and one might even say reconstructed. We call er’, Sarsaparilla.

See, Sarsaparilla was the name of a drink pretty near and dear in the old west. They used er’ as a remedy, but it was also served up in the saloons for cowboys since it was good for their growlin’ guts, and gave a little spring in their step. They say Sarsaparilla was the grandaddy of root beer, did you know?

But this ain’t just some straight up Sarsaparilla ya heard? We started blendificatin’ and added some ol’ western ambience, like a little doozy we been sittin’ on for a while: antique cade oil, a type of juniper with a smoky smellin’ wood. It was hanging around this old apothecary in the USA since 1905, so ain’t no better time to use ‘er.

That means what we present here is a bold smellin’ blend of sarsaparilla, sun-drenched saloons, dusty trails, and evenings spent under a starlit sky round a cracklin’ campfire.

Ya’ll enjoy this tribute now to fearless cowboys and the spirit of the untamed frontier, with a scent that exudes rugged charisma, capturing the essence of the bygone era of the Wild West.

Lime (20%) | Orange (16%) | Cedarwood (15%) | Vetiver (13%) | Cognac (11%) | Birch (10%) | Silver Fir (8%) | Jasmine (2%) | Tobacco (2%) | Allspice (2%) | Cade (1%) | 100% natural aromatic extracts from botanicals.

Tallow + Steel shave soaps are handmade using the highest quality organic ingredients, including tallow - which we render in-house from local, pasture-raised suet.  Our shave soaps are easy to lather using all types of shaving brushes. Plenty of water is required when lathering to achieve optimal cushion and slickness - apply the lather to a wet face for best results.

Shave Soap Version 3: Stearic Acid + Water + Organic Argan Oil + Organic Glycerin + Organic Castor Oil + Organic Safflower Oil + Potassium Hydroxide + Tallow (Pasture-Raised) + Organic Coconut Oil + Bentonite Clay + Sodium Hydroxide + Vitamin E + Silk + Natural Fragrance (Botanical Extracts)

Handmade in Winnipeg, Canada