Hokkaido Shave Soap

Hokkaido Shave Soap

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85 g / 3 oz 

Introducing a scent inspired by the enchanting flower fields of Hokkaido: Japan's second largest island, and northernmost prefecture. Immerse yourself in the ethereal beauty of blooming petals and gentle breezes, capturing the essence of this picturesque destination where nature and fantasy converge.

Hokkaido is our fifth Japanese-inspired scent; highlighting the allure of exquisitely rare Japanese materials.

As summer arrives, the flower fields in Hokkaido transform into an ethereal tapestry of vibrant colours; a kaleidoscope of petals unfurled across the emerald meadows.

Hokkaido’s fresh and vibrant floral notes, reminiscent of blossoms in full bloom, mirrors the serene tranquility of Hokkaido's landscape. Bright Japanese citrus: a blend of yuzu, mikan, amanatsu, and iyokan, intermingle with the sweet essence of floral petals, creating a captivating harmony that soothes the senses and evokes a sense of serenity. Hokkaido features rabendā: rare Japanese lavender, grown and distilled on the island.

Like the rich soil beneath the blooms, hints of green moss and woody undertones provide a grounding presence, adding depth and complexity to the scent. 

This is a celebration of nature's beauty, inviting you to embark on an olfactory journey through the idyllic flower fields of Hokkaido. Captivating and evocative, it serves as a gentle reminder of the serene landscapes and floral wonders that define this breath-taking destination.

Yuzu (Japanese Citrus) 37% | Rose (Africa) 30% | Mikan (Japanese Citrus) 8% | Jasmine (Africa) 5% | Okamoss (Europe) 5% | Amanatsu (Japanese Citrus) 4% | Iyokan (Japanese Citrus) 4% | Hiba (Japanse Cypress) 4% | Rabendā (Japanese Lavender) 3% | 100% natural aromatic extracts from botanicals

Tallow + Steel shave soaps are handmade using the highest quality organic ingredients, including tallow - which we render in-house from local, pasture-raised suet.  Our shave soaps are easy to lather using all types of shaving brushes. Plenty of water is required when lathering to achieve optimal cushion and slickness - apply the lather to a wet face for best results.

Shave Soap Version 3: Stearic Acid + Water + Organic Argan Oil + Organic Glycerin + Organic Castor Oil + Organic Safflower Oil + Potassium Hydroxide + Tallow (Pasture-Raised) + Organic Coconut Oil + Bentonite Clay + Sodium Hydroxide + Vitamin E + Silk + Natural Fragrance (Botanical Extracts)

Handmade in Winnipeg, Canada