A fresh, masculine blend: moss, woods, herbs, spices, florals, and citrus combine to create a timeless, classic, sophisticated scent. (2016)


Dark, rich, and earthy - yet mysteriously sweet. Dark is a bold essential oil blend of coffee, cocoa, ginger, and vetiver, combined with the sweetness of peppermint and benzoin. (2016)


A unique scent built on a classic bay rum. West Indies bay, key lime, balsamic notes, and subtle herbs. In age of piracy, Vice Admiral Edward Vernon introduced a drink to the Royal Navy made of similar ingredients. It was named Grog, and perhaps this is what it smelled like. But probably not. (2016)


Experience the Rainforest with an exotic blend of 9 essential oils from 5 continents. Complex, and reminiscent of a humid rainforest with scents of soil, moss, woods, flowers and citrus. (2016)


For Reddit r/wetshaving - Dirty, Smokey, and Green - Shag transports you to the back of a groovy 60's VW bus. You wont have trouble getting this one started though. (2016)

Shiva's Cognac

For the French forum rasage traditionnel, featuring cognac essential oil - Finishing the last sip of an orange cognac cocktail while walking through a market in a village in India. A very fresh take on a traditional oriental. (2016)

Root Beer Saloon

For the French forum rasage traditionnel, featuring cognac essential oil - Sitting at an old western bar with a cowboy hat on, eating grapes, and drinking cold sarsaparillas and root beers. There is something old-world and wild-west here. (2016)


Boreal captures the crunch of the branch underfoot, the sweet musk of the crisp autumn air: a blast of earthy freshness. This is a blend that puts you in the heart of an ancient forest, no matter where you are. (2017)


This warm and spicy blend of essential oils harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas stimulates the senses, transporting you to the small villages that dot the landscape of Nepal and India. (2017)


An aroma that turns back the calendar, bringing a richly exotic blend which evokes memories of an empire reclaimed by nature. The bitter sweetness of cocoa melts into the richness of coffee and tobacco, while allspice and cardamom yield to citrus for a sensuous tang that reaches through the ages. (2017)


Walk through the fields of wild roses, growing high up in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains with this smoky floral scent made from essential oils native to Morocco. (2017)

West Indies

A warm citrus scent, tinged with ocean breeze and lightly spiced with the smells of the Caribbean - West Indies is the smell of endless sunny days where troubles are left far away(2017)


Limited Edition - For Canada's 150th Birthday. The most Canadian scent ever created: Real Castoreum + Tim Hortons Coffee + Cedarwood + Douglas Fir + Maple Syrup + Alberta Premium 'Dark Horse' Rye. (2017)

West Coast IPA

Limited Edition - Hang ten, hit the lip, and then chill out and enjoy the hoppy aroma of a freshly poured India Pale Ale. A perfect balance of citrus and hops, West Coast IPA was created using extracts of three American hop varieties, combined with grapefruit, tangerine, orange, lemon and pine. (2017)


Using natural fragrance materials sourced directly from Madagascar to reflect the island’s rich and unexplained biodiversity, this floral scent centers around some of the finest ylang ylang essential oil produced on the island. (2018)


Inspired by our time touring the island, this fresh, classic aroma starts with a citrus blend from essential oils produced on the island: lemon, blood orange, and petitgrain, and is joined by bergamot from nearby Calabria. The citrus accord is accompanied by an herbal blend of Italian rosemary, and a unique lavender grown high in the Italian Alps. (2018)


Limited Edition - a blend of rare Japanese essential oils. With yuzu as the foundation of the blend, the zesty citrus is combined with vegetal marine notes from a homemade extract of Japanese sencha (green tea) and nori (seaweed). It further progresses into a green woodsy blend of flora native to Japan: Sugi (Japanese cedar), Hinoki (Japanese cypress), Hiba (Japanese cypress), and Shiso (perilla). (2018)

Echoes of Rain

Collaboration with Maol Grooming - Echoes of Rain invokes the tranquil feeling of a laze autumn morning on the back porch. You snack on a bowl of sliced fruit, and sip on a freshly ground coffee while watching the sun rise and the darkness subside.. the aroma of fresh rain infuses the air as it dissipates off the flowers and herbs. (2018)

Merchandise 7X

Limited Edition - In 1886, Atlanta Pharmacist John Pemberton, a veteran who emerged from the Civil War with a morphine addiction, created a tonic designed to cure his ailment. He began selling it at his pharmacy, and the beverage would eventually become the world's best-selling soft drink - the formula remaining a closely guarded secret for 125 years. This is his formula. (2018)


Limited Edition - A warm, sweet, holiday scent. A blend of happiness and joy - a scent that is lighthearted, cheerful, and lively. Experience a tribute to our favourite smells of Christmas: sweet candy, holiday fruits, and spicy rose; with candy canes, a cup of peppermint hot chocolate and a touch of soft woods. (2018)


Collaboration with West Coast Shaving - How does Orangeilla smell? Like you filled a swimming pool with melted creamsicles and began swimming laps. (2019)


Collaboration with Top of the Chain - A whole lot of lemon, and a little bit of spice. LemonSpice features our favourite lemon essential oil, which smells of very sweet, candied lemons. We blended it with a trio of nature’s finest spice oils from the far east, creating a warm, lightly-spiced citrus-candy scent. (2019)

Dark Two

Limited Edition - Compared to the original, Dark Two uses a vetiver essential oil from Haiti, which is smoother and sweeter than our last. We have reduced the percentage of peppermint oil to create a less gourmand scent, and sourced a higher quality ginger from Asia. We feel that we have created a more refined scent in Dark Two, and yet remained true to the original. (2019)


Limited Edition - Yakushima Island exhibits a forest composed of old Japanese cedar trees called yakusugi (屋久杉), which are over 1,000 years old. The buried remains of these trees, which stay free of decay after centuries, are distilled – creating the rarest cedarwood essential oil in the world. We blended this with three different yuzu, kuromoji (spice bush), sansho (Japanese pepper leaf) and koyamaki (Japanese pine.) (2019)


Limited Edition - A lavender-dominant scent that captures the aroma of the crisp forest air, with resinous animalic undertones. Sourcing from the hills this beast calls home, we found two of the world's finest lavender oils - organically grown and distilled on a farm in British Columbia. Featuring castoreum from beavers from the Canadian wilderness. Sàsq’ets was offered with three different labels, each containing a hidden Sasquatch. (2019)

Rainforest Two

Limited Edition - A re-release of Rainforest, the first scent that we ever created. Experience the Rainforest with an exotic blend of 9 essential oils from 5 continents. Complex, and reminiscent of a humid rainforest with scents of soil, moss, woods, flowers and citrus. (2020)

Morning Coffee in the Canadian Wilderness

Collaboration with Karve Shaving Co - The scent of this set is quite simple but powerful in its execution. It opens with strong notes of coffee but dries down with the coniferous aroma of the surrounding sub-alpine forest. (2020)


Collaboration with South Florida Wetshavers -Morikami is a scent featuring oils from Japan, Florida, and Canada, representing the beautiful Morikami Japanese Gardens in Boca Raton, FL and the collaboration between T+S and SFWS. A blend of three different grapefruit oils from Florida, and zesty yuzu, imported from Japan. Following the citrus are lustrous green notes and ginger, leading to a soft wood drydown. (2020)

Indian Bay

Limited Edition - Ahoy! Welcome aboard and join us on a 17th century nautical voyage. A distinctive scent, strong in citrus and florals, with an ever-present spicy aromatic bay note. Indian Bay will have you enjoying your morning shave on the deck of a merchant ship; sailing the seas destined for the Indian Ocean during the height of the spice trade. (2020)

Classic Two

Limited Edition - Classic Two remains true to the original. We present to you a classic, mature scent that hearkens back to the days of the ritualistic pampering at classic barbershops. (2020)


Enter a world where modern and ancient are entwined with this intricate scent from faraway lands. Feel the vivid magenta hues of the desert moonlight. Real Egyptian jasmine and neroli concoct a fresh floral aroma, revitalizing antiquity as the zest of bitter orange illuminates the blare of the bustling streets of the age-old city. (2021)


Be allured to the elegant vineyards of a rustic culture with this tribute to a classic aperitif. Cognac is our homage to the great spirit that takes its name from the region. A crisp green grape aroma is enriched by woody caramel notes from European Oakwood absolute. A fleck of smokiness roused from tobacco leaves, with cocoa, jasmine and vanilla mingling in the bouquet to help achieve the complexity only obtained through years of maturation. (2021)


Unwind in the golden oasis of Morocco’s radiant Valley of Roses, with an alluringly intense fragrance. Morocco unlocks the powerful aroma of its Vallée des Roses, where wild roses are tenderly handpicked by locals. Combined with relaxing fruitiness of the rare blue oil distilled from Morocco’s tansy flower, and the leafy-green notes of Moroccan petitgrain, the balsamic notes of Atlas cedarwood enrich the fresh citrus to harmonize the pure rose absolute - establishing a creation that is delicately spicy, fruity and floral. (2021)


Limited Edition -Encounter the rare citrus of Shikoku’s steep tropical mountainside with this vivid fragrance. Introducing a Japanese-inspired scent showcasing unique citrus grown in the Ehime prefecture on Japan’s smallest main Island, Shikoku: Mikan, yuzu, amanatsu, and iyokan. This intense citrus blend is unified by the warm spice of Japanese shoga (ginger), the uplifting notes of sencha (green tea), and some very soft woodsy notes from two varieties of cedar: hiba and sugi. (2021)

Spiced Fougère

Limited Edition - Spiced Fougère began with the classic fougère triad: absolutes of tonka bean, oakmoss and lavender. Craving a scent worthy of winter, we embellished the classically fresh green fougere by uniting some of our favourite spices (cardamom, allspice, West Indies bay, and vanilla), and resins (frankincense, myrrh, and labdanum.) Fresh and green greets warm and sweet, rendering a perfectly smooth winter holiday fougère. (2021)


Limited Edition - Baygère combines fragrant West Indies bay and refreshing bergamot with the classic fougère triad: absolutes of tonka bean, oakmoss and lavender – which is joined by lavandin, an herbaceous lavender hybrid. Classic bay rum meets a time-honoured fresh and green fougère: an encounter of familiar styles with an unfamiliar conclusion. (2022)

Echoes of Rain

Collaboration with Maol Grooming - A re-release of the 2018 scent, with new label artwork created by AI. Echoes of Rain invokes the tranquil feeling of a laze autumn morning on the back porch. You snack on a bowl of sliced fruit, and sip on a freshly ground coffee while watching the sun rise and the darkness subside.. the aroma of fresh rain infuses the air as it dissipates off the flowers and herbs. (2022)

Grog Two

Limited Edition - Called by some, “a bay rum for those who dislike bay rum.” Grog features West Indies Bay, accompanied by key lime, sweet balsamic notes, and subtle herbs. The result is a pleasant, sweet, and somewhat candy-like bay-rum style scent. Refined ever-so-slightly from the original, Grog Two features more lime and labdanum, enhancing the citrus and richness of the scent, with a small reduction of bay. (2022)


Limited Edition - Our fifth Japanese-inspired scent; highlighting the allure of rare Japanese materials. Hokkaido’s fresh floral notes, reminiscent of blossoms in full bloom, mirrors the tranquility of it's landscape. Japanese citrus: yuzu, mikan, amanatsu, and iyokan, intermingle with the sweet essence of floral petals, creating a captivating harmony that evokes a sense of serenity. Featuring rabendā: rare Japanese lavender, grown and distilled on the island. (2023)


Limited Edition - It all starts back in ‘16 when we put together two products for some partners in a French wet shaving forum. One of em’ they named Root Beer Saloon – and now she rides again: renewed, refined, reformed, renovated, remodelled, and one might even say reconstructed. We call er’, Sarsaparilla. We present here a bold smellin’ blend of sarsaparilla, sun-drenched saloons, dusty trails, and evenings spent under a starlit sky round a cracklin’ campfire. (2023)