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Our Story


Tallow + Steel was founded with one goal: create great performing grooming products using the highest quality organic ingredients.


One of the primary ingredients in our shave soap is tallow (rendered beef fat). Tallow-based shave soaps are often regarded as providing the best performance, and Tallow + Steel only uses the highest quality tallow possible. To achieve this, we source suet (beef fat) from local, pasture-raised, 100% grass-fed cattle which have received no hormones or antibiotics, and render the tallow ourselves, in-house. While this is makes for higher costs and is more labour-intensive than using commercially available tallow, (which usually comes from industrial factory-farms), it allows us to create a higher quality product, and support farms that caretake the environment and raise animals in an ethical manner.  Our tallow is positively the highest quality available.


As we firmly believe in sustainable and organic farm practices, we use organic ingredients whenever available. Choosing organic agriculture promotes a less toxic environment for all living things, and helps support the environment.


While others often use fragrance oils and other synthetic fragrance compounds for the cost savings - we don't. As our testing has proven the essential oil to most often be superior in scent, Tallow + Steel uses only essential oils and natural extracts (oils created from the raw plant matter). Our scents are exotic and adventurous - natural and complex. They were created to provide an experience - to invoke thoughts and memories, or to carry your senses to a far away place.


For each product, we source our essential oils from the region after which the product is named. We have partnered with a charity from each region, and we donate 10% of profits from each product to its respective charity. Please visit the product pages for more information on the charities we support.


We offer a small selection of cohesive products to ensure consistency and quality. We don't maintain multiple product lines or offer different product formulas - every product you purchase from Tallow + Steel is the finest product we know how to make. We trust that you will enjoy the quality and performance of our products, while knowing that you are supporting sustainable, environmental, and organic practices.

Handmade in Winnipeg, Canada.