Himalaya Shave Soap

Himalaya Shave Soap

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85 g / 3 oz 

Soothe your senses with a serene oriental scent - hailing from the Himayalas.

This is a revision of our 2017 release. Himalaya has been improved with additional complexity and strength. 

Ease into a calming sensory journey with a blend that emanates the sweet warmth and spice of rare oils harvested from the lush foothills of the majestic mountain range. Let Himalaya transport you to the peaceful villages that dot the landscape of Nepal and India. A sensory tapestry; weaving together the serenity of nature and the vibrant allure of spice-laden markets. You are invited to experience the harmonious aromatic symphony of the Himalayas.

The essence of this blend is our Amber oil - derived from fossilized Himalayan tree resin that has witnessed the passage of millions of years. Cedarwood from ancient forests that cloak the mountainsides blend with exotic oils hailed for their inviting aromas like jasmine, vanilla, and rhododendron, harmonizing with other unique materials from this mystical area to create a tranquil oriental scent.

Breathe in the soothing aroma inspired by ancient Himalayan traditions of meditation and mindfulness, with this relaxing cozy blend that radiates warmth and a deep sense of inner peace, as you experience the pleasant beauty of the Himalayas with every blissful inhale.

Benzoin (32%) | Labdanum (15%) | Himalayan Cedarwood (10%) | Jasmine (7%) | Vanilla (6%) | Amber (6%) | Tobacco (5%) | Rhododendron (5%) | Cardamom (4%) | Beeswax (4%) | Palmarosa (3%) | Sugandh Kokila (3%) | 100% natural aromatic extracts from botanicals.

Please note: small black pieces of solidified resin in the soap is normal.

$1 from every Himalaya sold is donated to Volunteers Initiative Nepal, an organization working to empowering marginalized communities through equitable, inclusive and holistic development programmes. To learn more about their cause or donate, please visit their website: volunteersinitiativenepal.org

Tallow + Steel shave soaps are handmade using the highest quality organic ingredients, including tallow - which we render in-house from local, pasture-raised suet.  Our shave soaps are easy to lather using all types of shaving brushes. Plenty of water is required when lathering to achieve optimal cushion and slickness - apply the lather to a wet face for best results.

Shave Soap Version 3: Stearic Acid + Water + Organic Argan Oil + Organic Glycerin + Organic Castor Oil + Organic Safflower Oil + Potassium Hydroxide + Tallow (Pasture-Raised) + Organic Coconut Oil + Bentonite Clay + Sodium Hydroxide + Vitamin E + Silk + Natural Fragrance (Botanical Extracts)

Handmade in Winnipeg, Canada